What Are the Different Types of Data Security?

Posted by Security Vault

Data security covers a variety of tools, technologies and processes to ensure that your company’s data is protected from cyberattacks and breaches. It also helps safeguard your organization’s information from internal threats like human error which is the most common reason for data breaches. It covers a range of cybersecurity methods, including encryption and access control data masking and redaction of files.

The first step in data security is to understand what kind of information your company has and where it is located. This includes identifying types of business and personal information like names, phone numbers, email addresses and bank or credit card numbers and also proprietary research, development and financial data. Once you know what data your company holds, it is easy to create an extensive security plan.

It is essential to have a secure backup system, whether your data is stored in the cloud or on servers. This prevents the loss of important data in the case of a system crash or natural disaster, or even a cyberattack. It’s also essential to adhere to best practices like data classification for determining what data needs to be protected and how long, as well as data purging to ensure that outdated or outdated data isn’t lying around, and therefore susceptible to cyberattacks. You might also consider implementing data deletion which makes use of software to overwrite data stored on any device completely.