Who we are

Xecure  Vault security and Courier Company and its subsidiaries offer private and business safe deposit, private business Deposit and private wealth management, including investment, trust and brokerage services.

Xecure Vault  security and Courier Company specializes in delivering exceptional, relationship-based service, with a solid commitment to responsiveness, action oriented to be the most sort after Contingent staffing agencies in Ghana and our services are offered through preferred Vault Keeping or wealth.

With management office primarily in Ghana. Xecure Vault Security and Courier Company offers a complete line of safe keeping services for individuals and businesses, including deposit services, as well as residential, commercial, personal deposit and

our advantages

  • We are experts in Safe Keeping and Courier Services, security Safe Box, Family Treasure Protection  and and exceptional Package Delivery.
  • Our guiding company aim is simple: To give our customers peace of mind in relation to the Security and Courier services of their Valuables. You see, we really do care.
  • Our company is a young, vibrant company. The staff are all highly qualified and dedicated to providing the best possible service to Contingent staffing agencies in Ghana and our clients. They all have considerable experience in the Security and Courier business
  • From our control center, information is quickly relayed to our Staffs to facilitate a fast and efficient service.


We can accommodate everything from an heirloom ring to an original painting or work of art. Our boxes range in size from 3 in x 5 in x 24 in to 31 in x 15 in x 24 in. We also have cabinets and closets that can be rented should you need additional space. If you are in a small box and need to upgrade to a larger box, you can switch. As long as the larger size is available, it is a simple matter to switch your contents from one unit to another unit and pay the difference in rent.

complete anonymity

Xecure  Vault  security Company and Courier Service offer several benefits over a traditional bank safe deposit box. However, the largest benefit remains the anonymity we offer. We do not require identification or verification of your identity when you rent a box from us. You can pay with cash or check and you may open the box in any name at all. Access to your box will be controlled by possession of the key and a signature match with the card you complete when renting your box.


Our business is private vault services. We are family-owned and operated. When you arrive at Xecure  Vault  security  Company and Courier Service, you will receive our immediate attention. You will not have to wait 45 minutes in the lobby because we are busy with more important things. Securing your valuables is our business and YOU are our priority.




Reach more than 220 countries and territories with the reliability and special handling that you expect from Anons Vault Security Company and Courier Service. Not only is there a shipping service to meet your unique needs, but we also offer a wide array of tools and resources to help you navigate the world of international shipping. And we handle your package with care. With a proper tracking in place you’re able to know the details of your delivery on the go. This details are emailed to you immediately the paper work is completed.


Gold and silver storage has become a popular topic of conversation given the current economic climate. People are turning to the fine metals as a way to protect their hard-earned money from losing value. Once acquired, you might be asking – what is the best place to store gold and silver? The most secure method for gold and silver storage is in a private vault like Xecure  Vault  security Company and Courier Service.  There are other options available, but none of them protect your assets like a private vault.

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