Cloud Computing for the Legal Industry

Posted by Security Vault

As the legal field continues to evolve, it’s vital for firms to invest in the latest technology that allows them to scale. Firms that don’t do this will find themselves lagging behind as clients and employees are demanding more from the companies they work with. One of the most sought-after solutions for law firms is cloud computing.

Cloud solutions make it simple for lawyers to access their data and applications through a simple Internet connection and secure login. Many people regularly use cloud-based applications such as LinkedIn and Facebook without giving much thought about how these systems are hosted. This is also true for the most efficient cloud computing options for the legal sector.

Upfront costs of setting up and maintaining server-based systems could be prohibitive, along with the ongoing energy costs to power them. These expenses can quickly become expensive particularly for larger law firms that might require expensive floor space to house the hardware.

Cloud-based solutions can help eliminate the initial costs and do not require office space to house servers or cabinets for filing. Instead, a simple monthly subscription typically includes a large amount of storage, essential applications and the flexibility to expand as needed.

Cloud-stored files, in general are more secure than those stored on servers or in cabinets for files. Paper documents can be easily stolen or misplaced. Digital files are, however, encrypted and regularly backed up in order to limit the chance of being stolen.