How to Use Lego Cheat Code

Posted by Security Vault

How to use Lego cheat code

If you’re playing an LEGO game then you probably realize that there are hidden techniques that can make the experience a little more enjoyable. There are numerous ways to make your adventure more exciting with stud multipliers, from fun game mods like Force Ghost Yoda.

While cheat codes are becoming less and less common in gaming, Lego games have kept the tradition alive by offering various codes that unlock various items to give players more choices when playing. The 2022 version is no different. This article will outline all the codes that can be used to unlock characters, ships, and stud multipliers.

The LEGO Star Wars series cheat codes function differently than other games. They can be activated using an option that isn’t immediately communicated to the players. Instead of opening the Holoprojector menu or pause the game to enter a code, players can access the Extras tab by clicking the “Enter Code” option.

The menu will then show an electronic keyboard on which the player can type the cheat code. When the code is entered, the player will receive an email confirming that the cheat has been successfully added into the game and that the new item or change will be activated when the player opens the Extras tab.