Working With Documents

Posted by Security Vault

Working with documents is a regular part of everyone’s job. Documentation streamlines project workflows by clarifying the steps, keeping a record of decisions and statuses and capturing the small and big details that form the larger picture. Documentation is often overlooked yet it is crucial to the growth and success of any company or organization.

Traditionally, the term “document” is used to refer to printed texts however, the methods of documenting are now expanding far beyond that. Documents can be any physical representation of data including drawings, photographs videos and so on. All documents are.

A document may be structured like a list, semi-structured like newspaper or book articles or even unstructured as a handwritten message. Documents can also be classified into classified as confidential, private or public.

No matter what their nature or format, the majority of documents created within an organization follow certain conventions, standards and guidelines that are universally accepted. This ensures that every new document is identical in structure and form, resulting in greater transparency and consistency within the document ecosystem of the organization and workflows.