Small Business Software Providers

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When spreadsheet wizardry and documents start to fall short in logging projects, keeping track of billable hours, and creating invoices to customers, small business owners turn to software companies for help. These digital tools are centralized the process, automate and streamline a variety of business processes. They can be accessed via a single platform or a collection of programs. Some companies offer all in one solutions for a monthly fee while others specialize in particular areas of management, like accounting and customer relationship management.

NetSuite is a full-featured solution that provides cloud-based services to streamline a range of tasks from accounting to enterprise resource management. NetSuite’s Customer Relationship Application Suite lets users to integrate sales and calculate pricing quotes, while its project management app allows you to track the status of projects and manage resources using Gantt charts and a Kanban board.

A single solution can save money by eliminating the need to purchase different tools. However, ensure that the solution you select is capable of addressing your specific business needs. You’ll end up with more work in the event that you don’t.

Another option is dedicated support. Ideally, service representatives who work exclusively with clients within the same industry will have a better understanding of the market and be able to address everyday issues more efficiently.

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