Science and Business Integrated Programs

Posted by Security Vault

Scientific research has been the foundation for many of our greatest technological breakthroughs, from insulin to the Internet. It is only natural, then, that science and business should work together since companies require new technologies in order to survive, and scientists benefit from commercialization of their discoveries.

But that’s not always the case. Certain scientific discoveries aren’t commercialized. This could be due to the way innovation credit is given out. Scientists could include their technician as a co-inventor, even though this does not reflect the true contribution they made to the research which led to the discovery. The differing goals and mentalities which hinder free exchange of ideas are more important. Businesses talk about sustainable profits, as an example, whereas science looks at an amount of sustainability that doesn’t result in over-exploitation of resources.

Collaboration is the key to success in science and business. Business and scientists need to learn to communicate with each other in a language, listen to each other’s issues, and find innovative ways to bridge the gap.

Fortunately, top universities like Woxsen provide integrated science and business programs that give students the best of both worlds. In these programs, students focus on a particular area of science and also take classes that are part of the general management curriculum. This program provides the skills needed to excel in many business areas, including intellectual property management, mutual funds, sales of technical products and much more.