How to Create a Fundraising Data Room

Posted by Security Vault

A dataroom for fundraising is a storage space where documents are shared with investors. This helps to accelerate and simplify the due diligence process. Investors and buyers can access the data room to look through documents at any time. The data room also features analytics that offer insight into who is viewing data and when. This is a critical part of a fundraising process, and many startups fail to recognize the importance.

When creating an investor data room, organization is the key. By keeping the data organized and making it easy to navigate, dividing the information into sections can help to speed up the entire process. Some sections to include are your deck, the essential financials (cash metrics, OpEx, etc), projections for the coming year, and your cap table. Also include any happenings and commitments for the current round. This will allow investors to quickly skim through and get an idea of your company’s trajectory.

Investors are looking for a company that is profitable and will yield significant returns on investment. Often, this means demonstrating them your revenue and profit-generating strategies. You may also want to present them with your business model and your projected revenue.

Select a VDR provider with the highest security standards when you choose one for your fundraising data rooms. For the best security be sure to look for granular permissions with two-factor authentication as well as fence view features. Utilize any trial or demos for free that the VDR vendor provides to test the software before making a purchase.