Corporate Virtual Data

Posted by Security Vault

Corporate virtual data refers to the information that businesses share in a safe online environment. The documents usually contain sensitive information that is valuable to the business or organization sharing it. VDRs are used during M&A, due diligence fundraising and other events.

Life Sciences companies, such as pharmaceutical and biotech companies, have specific requirements for their online documents. They need a platform that is HIPAA-compliant and FDA-approved (business associates) to securely share documents with partners, portfolio companies, auditors, and other. VDRs give these companies an encrypted, secure system that permits them to monitor the download of documents and access. The ability to set access time limits helps protect your privacy in this important area.

Due Diligence

During M&A activities, it is common to require disclosure of large volumes of confidential information to potential buyers. This requires an application that is secure and user-friendly to facilitate the process. VDRs facilitate this and can speed up the process of closing the transaction.


Startups and other companies seeking to grow must frequently provide confidential information to investors to secure funding. This can be a lengthy process that requires sorting through a myriad of documents. Virtual data rooms make it easy for investors to look over the documentation, ensuring an efficient and smooth process. This also increases the competition among bidders and could even aid in increasing the value of the company.